Important timeout tweaks for controller agent

Based on your network you may run into test run failures associated with the agent/controller communication. This primarily happens due to network latency, high data transfer between controller & agent or high cpu utilization on the agent. In such cases you can tweak some of the timeouts to improve the resiliency of the system Increase…

Getting started with Fakes using Visual Studio

These are a good set of references to anyone looking into getting started with fakes

Test controller/agent usage recommendations

Over the years we have had many people ask us on what is the best way to configure and use the test controller and agent for remote test execution. Here is a summary of the best practices that we advocate. Setup and Settings If you are on the latest VS2012U1+ or VS2013 you can ignore…


Getting the status of your test agents

Users routinely want to check the status of the test agents against which they are scheduling their remote test execution. The existing way of doing this was to fire up VS and open the “Manage Test Controllers” dialog With Visual Studio 2013 you can now check the status of your agents on the controller itself…

Test Controller 2012 Update 3+

New features introduced Visual Studio Test Controller 2012 Update3+ now supports backward compat with TFS servers. So you can connect your 2013 test controller to TFS 2012+ The test controller now works with hosted builds having server drop locations