RDT changes in VS Orcas

The Running Document Table is used in VS to control the state of opened documents.  This is only accessible via interfaces exposed in the VSSDK and the VS Automation Model.  End-users only see the effects of the RDT in places like the dialog that pops up asking the user if they’d like to save changes…


VS SDK 4.0 is available for download

On behalf of the VS Tools Ecosystem team, I am pleased to announce that after months of hard work, VS SDK 4.0 has been released! This is the last SDK release planned for Visual Studio 2005. The team has done a ton of work to make this release friendly to developers who are new to Visual Studio extensibility. It…


V4 SDK (almost) ready!

We’re putting the final touches on the v4 VS SDK for VS 2005.  The team and I have been hard at work ensuring it is at a high level of quality. The content is out of this world.  There’s a few new samples to start with, a new SDK browser connecting you to community resources…


VS SDK v4 Product Backlog is ready for public review

Below I’ve pasted the VS SDK Product Backlog for version 4 of the VS SDK.  We’re planning to ship this version of the VS SDK in mid-December.  This will be the last revision of the VS SDK that supports VS 2005.  We’d love to get some feedback on these features and work items.  The major areas of focus…


VS SDK on Vista

I’ve finally gotten around to trying out the VS SDK on Vista with UAC turned on.  Here’s what I had to do to get the VS SDK to install, and a package to compile and run: 1) Installing VS – fairly straightforward, no surprises 2) Installing VS SDK – the self-extracing exe fails to launch setup.exe…


TechEd 2006 – Power To the Pros – Boston

I’ll be at TechEd this year.  Please stop by the VS Extensibility booth for info on extending Visual Studio and the VSIP Partner Program. I’ll try to blog often to give a perspective about the event and the activities that are planned.  I’m already tired just thinking about the calendar.


VS SDK V3 Starts Today

We begin version 3 of the VS SDK supporting VS 2005 today!  Over the last few weeks after releasing V2 of the VS SDK, the VS SDK team has been planning the V3 release.  I’ve posted a list below of all the things we wanted to investigate for possible inclusion in the V3 release.  All…


VS SDK V2 Has Been Released

I’m proud to announce the availability of the V2 VS SDK supporting VS 2005.  This SDK is awesome.  It has some incredible sample content including Iron Python language integration including WinForms Designer integration.  By examining the Iron Python source code (not included in the SDK, but free) you can see how a language can integration…


VS SDK (Oct 2005) for VS 2005 now posted

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of the Visual Studio SDK for Visual Studio 2005. VSIP members can now download the VS SDK for the VS 2005 product (which was recently posted for MSDN subscribers).  This is the SDK necessary to build integrations into Visual Studio 2005. Please note that the VSIPDev.com redirects you to a new site…


PDC Day 3 – Experts, experts, everywhere

C# Futures was packed… So I ended up in an overflow room.  Listening to Anders Hejlsberg talk about delegates, anonymous methods, lambda expressions, generics, etc. was very cool.  It’s really interesting all the things that needed to be done to the C# language in order to make the LINQ (Language Integrated Query) syntax work. Dynamic…