Out for a while

I’m going on infant care leave either tomorrow or next week.  I’ll most likely not blog anything during that time since I’ll be enjoying my new son.  I’ll return to work at the end of October. The VSIP/Extensibility team is working hard to get Whidbey Beta 2 ready and everyone is heads down on that effort. …


Got Scrum?

Just got done with a two-day certification in the Scrum Project Management methodology.  I’m now certified as a Scrum Master.  😉 Now, don’t pass judgement too quickly! I know these types of things can cause lots of angst and wars over strengths and weaknesses.  Remember, I’m a pragmatist so I know Scrum has strengths and…


IVsRunningDocumentTable.RenameDocument – how to call in managed code

Here’s a little code to help managed packages call the Running Document Table to rename a document: Calling IVsRunningDocumenTable.RenameDocument is not entirely straighforward in managed code.  Here’s some code the shows how to get the SVsRunningDocumentTable service, find a document therein and then rename it.  I’ve had one partner confused by the calling pattern so…


Regular Expression Language Service

I’ve finally gotten around to posting the Regular Expression Language Service so you can get to it. This is the project that I wrote during the TechEd VS Extensibility Feature Cookoff where I had to write this in 45 minutes or so.  I tried the code with Whidbey Beta 1 and it worked for me….


Extensibility makes MSDN TV

Check out Ken Hardy, VS Core PM for Extensibility share some info on MSDN TV. If you were at TechEd 2004 San Diego, you might catch yourself in the background…


Solution Options Persistence (Part 2)

It occured to me that I didn’t discuss what the framework will do when the options you specified in the AddOptionsKey method are needed to be loaded or saved. The framework will eventually call one of two virtual methods that you need to override.         protected override void OnLoadOptions(string key, Stream stream) {            // if…


Solution Options Persistence

I investigated this question earlier today for an internal VS client and wanted to share the results with the rest of the world… Your VS Package can place data into the solution file (.sln) or solution user options (.suo) file by implementing IVsPersistSolutionOpts (.suo affecting) or IVsPersistSolutionProps (.sln affecting).  These interfaces should be implemented by the same…


Whidbey Beta 1 Feedback

I forgot to mention the way to provide VS 2005 feedback.  Visit the MSDN Product Feedback Center (http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/productfeedback/) For feedback related to VSIP Beta 1, you can use the same site.  Just be sure to include “VSIP” in the issue description so it gets routed to the proper team.


Whidbey Beta 1

Boy, a ton of stuff is happening this week: 1) VS 2005 Beta 1 is released.  You can find it here: http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/vs2005/ 2) We’ve announced the Visual Studio Express products.  You can get more information here: http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/express/  You can expect some information on the  MSDN VS Extensibility Center on how the VS Express products relate to…


Going, going….

Well, there’s still a ton of people here at the San Diego Convention Center even though it’s down to the last session slot of TechEd 2004. It’s a little sad though.  Weeks like this are great with tons of learning and great interaction.  You hate to see it end, but the real world waits and…