The VS 2010 cat is peeking it’s head out the bag – so to speak

Check out the article on VS 2010.  The screen shot there is my feature!  The new Architecture Explorer and features related to it have been my main focus for the last 18 months.  It's great to see it getting more light of day.

A longer article contains a link to a better image.

All week this week you can check out the Channel 9 coverage of the recent VS 2010 information at  Tomorrow is 'Architecture Day' with Cameron Skinner.  Don't miss it!

I'll certainly be sharing more details as I can, but remember that PDC 2008 is the place to go for all the good details first, including Hand-on-labs with running bits, keynotes and lectures with juicy details and demo's in the pavillion including folks from the development team you can chat with.  (I won't be there this year, but look for some folks standing in for me in the VS Team System area.)

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