Back on Oahu

After a nice week in Redmond (weather was great through Wed, but turned nasty Thu - Sat) I'm back home in Honolulu.  The company meeting was a great experience once again.  I always get a charge out of seeing how big Microsoft is in terms of financial success, but more importantly our impact on the world of software and technology.  We saw some really great demos of future products and features.  The whole team from here in Hawaii attended.

The week was chock full of meetings to plan out the next few months.  It's hard to feel productive when it's just all talk.  I'd rather be writing code, fixing bugs.  But the product plan is nice to have and I can't wait to tell you more soon.  Stay tuned after PDC for more on this blog about what I've been working on.

On a personal note, I completed the Basic Keelboat sailing certification course.  I'm now certified to take a small boat daysailing.  Can't wait to do that.  The only problem is that Oahu doesn't have boats for rent to the general public.  Plenty of Yacht clubs for boat owners and plenty of charters for large boats (crewed mostly - not a lot of bareboat activity in Hawaii), but nothing in the 20-26' range that I can take out for a few hours.  I'll keep looking though.

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