Orcas first, then Rosario

In case you are unaware, we're close to shipping Visual Studio 2008 (aka "Orcas").  I hope that's not really a suprise.

A bit of trivia on the code name "Orcas".  When when VS 2003 came out the code name was "Everett".  Everett is the name of a town just north and west of Redmond, Microsoft's headquarters.  If you drew a roughly straight line on a map from Redmond through Everett extending further North and West you'd be in the proximity of things like Camano Island, Whidbey Island, and Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  Whidbey was the codename of the VS 2005 release.  Orcas Island is another one of the islands in this area of the map and that's why VS 2008 is codenamed "Orcas".

There's a follow-on product to VS 2008 to update a bunch of tools in the Team System family of Visual Studio tools including some new tools.  This release is code named "Rosario".  Rosario Resort happens be a very nice area on Orcas Island.  If you ever travel to the Pacific Northwest and want to visit a first rate resort with excellent accomodation, entertainment and food, Rosario Resort is a great place to visit.  Rosario will also be a great release of tools from Microsoft.

So, with that bit of trivia behind us...

I'll be in Redmond the week of 10/15 for the VSIP Summit taking place that week.  I'll be presenting info on what I've been working on here is the Hawaii Development Center.  If you are at the summit, please say hello.

We plan to put what I've been working on into the CTP of Rosario that will be coming out in the next month or so.  If you happen to be on the distribution of that preview, I'd love your feedback on the release.  More details to come in the next few weeks...

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  1. Cox, Ken says:

    The rumours are true! Microsoft has entire departments and legions of creative thinkers who come up with standards and strategies for codenames and their promotion! <grin>

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