V4 SDK (almost) ready!

We're putting the final touches on the v4 VS SDK for VS 2005. 

The team and I have been hard at work ensuring it is at a high level of quality. The content is out of this world.  There's a few new samples to start with, a new SDK browser connecting you to community resources as well as sample content, tutorials, documentation and tools.  There's a Package Load Analyzer tool than can help with Package Load Failure and other package load issues you might encounter in testing and production environments.  There's also a Toolbox Controls Installer package, sample code and documentation (including a tutorial) for control vendors to see how we recommend integrating controls into the VS toolsbox.  Note: The Toolbox Controls Installer is expected to be in the next release of VS (aka Orcas) so any code that works with v4 of the SDK and V2005 should work without little or no change in Orcas.

Keep your eyes on this blog in the coming days for the release announcement...

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  1. olegt says:

    And what about Orcas CTP, which is about to be released – do you plan to release VS SDK for Orcas?

  2. Great question.  We are working hard on getting the SDK ready for Orcas.  We’ll have news on this in coming weeks.

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