TechEd Day 1

This is day one of the event.  We're in full swing now.

On the bus ride over the guy directly behind me was loudly complaining about the keynote lecture and the precon session he attended.  As we exited the bus I stopped and introduced myself "Hi Craig, I'm Allen from Microsoft.  I heard you were dissatisfied with the keynote and precon.  Can you tell me what you were dissappointed in?  What were you expecting?"  After a lengthy conversation (like 20 minues) I think I had him turned around.  He's a developer/architect and wanted specific information about WCF.  His precon was an all-day lecture and he wanted more hands-on lab type of stuff.  I talked with him about WCF and .NET 3.0 to help him get a perspective on the future.  I assured him I would take his feedback to the TechEd organizers.  By the end of the conversation he said "Well, you know, I'm sure it'll be a good show."

I'm in booth duty all day, but will steal away for one session: DEV210 - CLR: IronPython and .NET Scripting Languages.  The presenter will be showing VS integration of IronPython and I'll be around to address anyone interested in integration.

If you are at TechEd, please stop by the Blue Technical Learning Center booth labeled Dev - 9 Optimized for Visual Studio and say "hello".

I'll be blogging at you later...

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