TechEd Day 1

I just arrived after a lazy morning.  Since the demo station is open today until 9:00pm, I figured I'd take it easy to reserve my strength for later in the week.

On the bus ride over the guy right behind me was complaining loudly about how bad his Preconference Session was and how bad the keynote lecture was.  He went on and on...

Upon exiting the bus I introduced myself.  "Hi Craig, I'm Allen from Microsoft.  I heard you were dissatisfied with the keynote and I wondered if I could talk with you about that?".  After about 20 minutes of discussion about his role (developer and architect) and his needs compared to the message and content I think I turned him around a little bit.  We discussed WCF, .Net 3.0 and other issues in his org.  He's been to PDC and that show is really the best even for someone like him.  Even so, by the end of the conversation he said "Well, you know, I think it will be a good show".

I have to agree with him on a few points.  Why was the keynote lecture on Sunday night?  A lot of people left near the end.  There was no real break for precon attendees to get dinner and it wasn't provided.  Logistically poor in my opinion.  I'll provide this feedback to the organizers.  The content of the keynote itself was fine, even for a developer/architect.  Some cool stuff going on.

I'm in the booth today.  If you are at TechEd please stop by the Blue Technical Learning Center and see the booth labeled Dev-9 Optimized for Visual Studio. 

One session I want to hightlight is this afternoon at 5:00pm.  DEV210 - CLR: IronPython and .NET Scripting Languages where they will be showing the VS integration of IronPython.  I'll be there to talk about the integration with anyone who has interest.

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