TechEd Day -1

I traveled to Boston on Saturday.  No problems on the flight, but not much time between connections in Detroit.  Anyway...

I sat next to a guy on the plane from Detroit to Boston and I asked him if Boston was home or away for him.  He indicated he was going to Boston for TechEd.  Turns out he's a developer in a 4 person company writing solutions for web access to CRM and Financial data.  He complained of a problem in VS so I pulled out my laptop and showed him the Tools Options setting used to control the behavior.  He had turned off the solution explorer track selection for open documents and I showed him where to find the option to turn it back on.

We got to know each other a little bit and he has a fascinating life-story.  Born in the 60's in a communist country.  His father was a physician who worked in Russia (not his native country) during the space race, 'cold war' and 'iron curtain'.  Educated in Russia he later returned to his native country to fly jetliners.  He defected to Canada by walking away from his jumbo jet with 75 cents in his pocket not knowing English or French.  He later attended graduate school in Canada, finally got to be reunited with his wife (native Russian).  He ended up speaking Spanish, Russian, English and some French.  He was offered a programming job in the US and now owns his own company.  Fascinating!

Got to Boston very late at night and settled in.

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