TechEd Day 0

Yesterday was the first day of TechEd for me.  Did a tour of the TLC (technical learning center).  We've combined community lounges, cabanas, demo stations and hands-on-labs all in one area (seperated by technology area).  Seems to be working well to have all the experts in one area and all the learning happening close by.

We piggy-backed on a Pre-con session on extending Team System.  We took the opportunity to talk about the partner program, VS extensibility and the VS SDK.  I demo'd the VS SDK's Sample Browser, wrote some package code, showed an upcoming power toy called the Source Outliner (very popular response to the demo, by the way) and Iron Python integration.

After the session a partner approached me complaining of issues getting their TFS custom node (they wrote a package that add's a node to the Team Explorer) to work in deployment.  It only worked with the Experimental hive.  After an explanation about deployment and how to accomplish what he wanted, he said I was a 'life-saver'.  Nice to safe a life now and again.  😉

The keynote lecture Sunday night was good, but by the time it was over I was very tired, almost falling asleep, and hungry.  The content of the lecture was good and the entertainment with "Chloe" from the Fox TV series "24" was a hit.  No dinner 'til about 10 o'clock.  We at at the Beantown Pub across the street from the cemetary where Sam Adams and Benjamin Franklin (among others) are buried.  This right next to the Park Street Church.

Day 1 is tomorrow and I can't wait...

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