VS SDK V3 Starts Today

We begin version 3 of the VS SDK supporting VS 2005 today!  Over the last few weeks after releasing V2 of the VS SDK, the VS SDK team has been planning the V3 release.  I've posted a list below of all the things we wanted to investigate for possible inclusion in the V3 release.  All of the features have costs (implementation, documentation, testing, etc) and it comes down to priority and available resources if a feature makes it into the SDK. 

We'd love your feedback on our plans.  If you see something that doesn't make sense to you, please let us know.  The priority listed below is the planning priority (how important it was to plan the feature or infrastructure improvement), not the delivery priority (how important it is to deliver a feature or infrastructure improvement).  When the delivery priority has been determined (always subject to change, of course), we'll let you know.

Planning Priority Feature Item
0 Infrastructure - Release tools checkin automation
5 Infrastructure - MSI building/signing steps
10 .Net managed language integration tools
10 Integrate DSL Final Toolkit
10 Test Adapter Sample (VS IDE Host)
10 Update SDM content
10 Update TFS content
10 Update VSTS Developer Edition Content
10 Update VSTS Test Edition content
10 Use DevDiv MadDog/SourceDepot sync'g
15 Addressing Bugs that are preventing 100% test pass %
15 Wizard template updates ( Editor and other improvements )
20 Code Coverage Improvements
20 Orcas Enabling tests to run on Orcas
20 Orcas SDK - Convert 1 sample to Orcas
20 Orcas SDK - Infrastructure - Setup refactoring into Platform and SDK components
20 Orcas SDK start-up
20 Orcas Setup Arch
20 Partner Team Process Document Update
20 Sample Browser - Color improvements
20 Sample Browser - logo bitmap low-res
20 Servicing for Project Aggregator 2
20 Team Process Document Update
20 Web Project sample phase 1
20 Web Project sample phase 2
20 Web Project sample phase 3
20 Web Project sample phase 4
25 All appropriate Testing in Exp hive instead of regular
30 “How to integrate with VS” for external SDKs sample phase 1
30 “How to integrate with VS” for external SDKs sample phase 2
30 IP - icons
30 IP - splash screen
30 Orcas SDK - Whidbey Samples - DDSuites
30 Whidbey SP1 SDK work
40 Community - Channel 9
40 Enable code gallery contributions to sample browser
40 Investigate cloning, starter kit or templates for Package samples
40 Project System Base Classes - Cancel build
40 Project System Base Classes - Features
40 Project System Base Classes - Persisted Properties in User files
40 Project system reference sample C#
40 Project system reference sample C++
40 Project Systems/VSRegEx - Cloning Templates Fix
40 Redistribute Help2.0/Dexplore
40 Sample Browser - keyword search
50 Adding Overviews to Archive Samples
50 Adding Samples to Sample Browser
50 Additional Contractor Powertoys
50 Additional Contractor Samples
50 Infrastructure - Setup refactoring into functional area components for change isolation
50 Release tool Cleanup - reduce potentially objectionable phrases exemptions
50 Rolling build system improvements or VSTS dogfooding for CI build
50 VSTS Dogfood
55 IronPython - Investigate cost of implementing refactoring commands (Rename, Extract method, etc)
60 IP Language Service - Code window dropdowns
60 IP Language Service - Collapsible Regions
60 IP Language Service - Smart Indenting
60 IP Language Service - Smart Tags
60 Namespace.exe converted to Whidbey razzle build
60 Setup Refactoring
60 Text marker explorer sample
70 Infrastructure - Testing Tool Integration
70 Setup improvements for caching MSI's
70 SQL reporting services
70 VS Package Item Wizard
90 Update Orcas Package Wizards to use VSCT
90 Wizard UI Framework

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