VS SDK V2 Has Been Released

I'm proud to announce the availability of the V2 VS SDK supporting VS 2005.  This SDK is awesome.  It has some incredible sample content including Iron Python language integration including WinForms Designer integration.  By examining the Iron Python source code (not included in the SDK, but free) you can see how a language can integration into VS in a rich deep way.

If you noticed, we anticipated our release to be shipped on 4/7, but we held back the release for additional verification and examination to ensure it was the best we could ship.  Some of the components were built with the VS 2005 RTM build and that raised a few flags with folks that wanted those components to be built with newer build rules.  In the end, we changed a few components and others remained the same.  The net result is that you have the best SDK we could ship.


(And please provide feedback for future SDK's.)

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