PDC Day 4 – Miles and miles

The last day of the conference...

It's always so strange on the last day of a conference.  Everyone from Microsoft is much more relaxed.  Things are already being packed up (like the product pavilion.  I listened in on a few of the panels this morning and will be going to a panel on Agile Development. 

During breakfast I talked with a gentleman who really is excited about VS 2005 and loves our development environment.  Intellisense and the great debugger are his favorite features.  When I asked him what he'd like us to do in the future and what he'd like to see fixed, he didn't have an answer.  Basically all he could come up with was to get things shipped faster.  That's great validation for all we do in the Developer Division.  I'm will looking for some more critical feedback, but the impressions I have a extremely positive and the developer community is totally energized around the Microsoft platform(s).

Pedometer facts...

I've been wearing my pedometer the entire week here at PDC 05.  Here are the latest statistics:

Total Distance 13.38 mi (21.54 km)
Total Steps 36,885
Calories burned 1586.1

My feet are really tired from a lot of walking and standing during the week.  I can't believe I racked up over 13 miles in distance this week.

It's time for me to say good by from PDC 05.  I'll be blogging as VS 2005 ramps up to ship and the VS SDK continues to be improved.  Thanks for reading.


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