Visual Studio and Windows Workflow Designer rocks! – PDC Day 2

At the morning keynote I saw a great integration with Visual Studio in the Windows Workflow Designer.  I'm sitting in the PDC general session this morning and during Eric Rudder's keynote he invited the Windows Workflow Foundation team to demonstrate their cool tools.  The really awesome thing that I saw was a great design surface for work flow objects in a graphical form.  To seal the deal the demo showed debugging the work flow directly in Visual Studio and seamlessly interacting with the usual C# debugger.  The workflow debugger was completely graphical with a little breakpoint glyph attached to the workflow object.  There were also 'callstacks' of the work flow objects and properties of the selected work flow objects showing current state to allow debugging the workflow and the code at the same time.  This is hugely powerful and really shows off how awesome the Visual Studio platform is.

Another big deal at this session was the Microsoft Expression suite of applications that allow graphic design, web site design and interactive designers to work together.  They aren't hosted in Visual Studio (they do share some aspects via common project files), but one can easily see how lots of aspects of those tools can be integrated.  For now, they are separate tools.

If you are at the PDC today, please stop by the Tools and Languages Track Lounge.  I'll be hanging out there most of the day.  At 2:00 pm those of us from the VS Extensibility team that are here are scheduled for a "meet the team" event.  Please stop by and say hello.

Blog to you later...


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