PDC Day 1 – Got the shirts

Well, PDC Day 1 comes to a close...

This afternoon I attended Phil and Craig's talk on extending Visual Studio with Add-ins and Packages.  It was a well attended session and there were some good questions at the end.  One of the question was if it was possible to write packages in VB.  (The answer is yes).  That's a question we don't hear too often.

Another interesting point was in the mix of C++ vs. C# programmers in the audience.  Both in the Pre-con session yesterday and in the session today, Phil asked for a raise of hands for programming language (C++ and C# were the only choices).  In both session, the majority by probaly 60-70% responded that C# is their language.  That's incredible.

After the afternoon session, there was a reception in the Expo Hall to get attendees to visit the trade show booths.  There are some incredible partner integrations being demo'd at the trade show.  I stopped by a few booths to get a few free things (3 t-shirts, a stress-ball, etc). 

Tomorrow I look forward to listening to Eric Rudder's keynote and others.  There's a "Meet the team" event in the Tools and Languages Track Lounge for the Extensibility Team at 2:00p.m.  Additionally I have a partner meeting tomorrow and then there's the attendee party at Universal Studios. 

Now for the pedometer facts:  Since Sunday at 12:00pm I've been wearing my pedometer 24x7.  I've racked up the following stats:

  • Calendar Time: 56h:30m
  • Walking Time: 3h:54m:12s
  • Steps: 19,010
  • Calories burned: 813.6
  • Distance: 6.9mi (11.10km) (averaging 2.9 mi / day)
  • Pace (if I walked 24 hours / day without stopping): 42.4mi/day

See you tomorrow...

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