PDC Day 0 – Precon

Hello.  I'm sitting in 501ABC for the PDC05 Preconference Session on Visual Studio Extensibility.

If you are coming to the PDC, please drop by and say hello!

I, along with Phil Taylor, Doug Hodges, Craig Skibo, am presenting information today.  We have 6 hours of content to talk about VS Extensibility, VS Architecture and demo a bunch of code.

I'm going to be at various partner and extensibility related events during PDC05.  If you need to get in touch with me, please try email or the PDC comm net site.  We have a booth in the pavillion, a hands-on lab and I'll also be in the Tools and Languages Track Lounge most of the time.  There's also an Ask The Experts session on Thursday night.  I'll be leaving LA on Friday.  Hope to see you here.

Curious facts: This week I'm wearing a pedometer full time to see how far I end up walking.  I started wearing it on Sunday afternoon as I entered the airport in Seattle.  As of Monday 11:10 am I've walked 2.61 miles (7215 steps) in 1:29 hours.

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