Associating CTC with C++ editor

We've been thinking (for a long time) of improvig the CTC format and editing experience to make it easier to understand and use.  That day is coming, but I don't know when exactly.

Now, I've heard of a language service that someone has produced that will at least colorize the CTC format.  If you have such a language service, please let the community know.

Now, here's a little trick to get some of the same value:  associate the CTC extension with the C++ editor. 

To do this, do the following:

  1. Open VS

  2. Choose "Options..." from the "Tools" menu

  3. Scroll to and open the Text Editor category (on the left)

  4. Open the File Extension sub-category

  5. In the Extension field type "ctc" (without the quotes)

  6. In the Editor dropdown, select "Microsoft Visual C++"

  7. Click the Add button

Now when you bring up a CTC file, you'll get coloring like it is a C++ file.  At least you can tell your comments from the the rest of the text.  I hope to get this setting to install as part of the VS SDK if I can find the time.

As I said earlier, in the future we'd like to make the whole CTC experience much much better, but I hope this little tip helps in the meantime.


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