Back in the saddle again

Whew!  It's been a while hasn't it?

My new son was born 9/30 and I returned to work late October after infant care leave.  We're all hard at work here getting Whidbey Beta 2 ready to ship.  The holiday's hit and I spent a bunch of time on the road and on airplanes. 

I'm back from vacation now and sitting in a rountable discussion with VSIP partners at the January VSIP Dev Lab here in Redmond.  Good suggestions and a lot of hard work getting partner products ready to run in Whidbey Beta 2.  Thank you to all the parnters in attendance.

Hey, I'm a video star!  Check out the latest installment on Microsoft's Channel 9 community site:  A bunch of interviews of hard-working computer geeks getting Visual Studio ready for release.

I certainly hope to post here more often and do some interesting posts now that things have finally settled down in my life.  Hope you are doing well.




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