PLK’s, Supporting Multiple Versions of VS with a single VS Package

I got a question today after some confusion regarding Package Load Keys for Visual Studio and how to get a package to work in multiple versions of VS. Here’s my response: PLK (Package Load Key) The PLK’s are issued for either VS2002 or VS2003/2005. In order to support 2003 and 2005 with the same binary,…


VS SDK (Oct 2005) for VS 2005 now posted

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of the Visual Studio SDK for Visual Studio 2005. VSIP members can now download the VS SDK for the VS 2005 product (which was recently posted for MSDN subscribers).  This is the SDK necessary to build integrations into Visual Studio 2005. Please note that the redirects you to a new site…


PDC Day 4 – Miles and miles

The last day of the conference… It’s always so strange on the last day of a conference.  Everyone from Microsoft is much more relaxed.  Things are already being packed up (like the product pavilion.  I listened in on a few of the panels this morning and will be going to a panel on Agile Development. …


PDC Day 3 – Experts, experts, everywhere

C# Futures was packed… So I ended up in an overflow room.  Listening to Anders Hejlsberg talk about delegates, anonymous methods, lambda expressions, generics, etc. was very cool.  It’s really interesting all the things that needed to be done to the C# language in order to make the LINQ (Language Integrated Query) syntax work. Dynamic…


PDC Day 3 – Domain Specific Languages – the future of Modeling

Bob Muglia’s General Session – Windows Server… I just got out of Bob Muglia’s keynote and it was great to see so many cool things happening in the Windows Server product.  In particular I was impressed with IIS7 and it’s capabilities.  They designed an extensibility mechanism in IIS that allows an admin to completely control…


PDC Day 2 – When the police ask you to get out of the vehicle, please get out of the vehicle

I’m writing this on Thursday morning (day 3), but I wanted to post what happened yesterday… Day 2… After my last post, I visited the Tools and Languages Track Lounge and answered a bunch of customer questions on everything from Web projects, to VS Extensibility.  I was able to attend a session on Reliable Distributed…


Meet the team time change

If you saw my earlier posts on meeting the team, I’ve just updated them. The time to meet the MSBuild and VS Extensibility teams is at 2:00 pm.  If you’re around, please stop by and say hello.


Visual Studio and Windows Workflow Designer rocks! – PDC Day 2

At the morning keynote I saw a great integration with Visual Studio in the Windows Workflow Designer.  I’m sitting in the PDC general session this morning and during Eric Rudder’s keynote he invited the Windows Workflow Foundation team to demonstrate their cool tools.  The really awesome thing that I saw was a great design surface…


PDC Day 1 – Got the shirts

Well, PDC Day 1 comes to a close… This afternoon I attended Phil and Craig’s talk on extending Visual Studio with Add-ins and Packages.  It was a well attended session and there were some good questions at the end.  One of the question was if it was possible to write packages in VB.  (The answer…


PDC Day 1 – Power Outages and Uploads

Well, yesterday was very eventful. Just after my previous post, we broke for lunch and just as we were starting to present our after-lunch information the power went out in Los Angeles.  Not just in the Convention Center, but all over the city.  According to reports 2 million people were affected.  It was an interesting…