Winding down…

Last night's TechEd SeaWorld event was great.  We saw the Shamu show first and it was great.  Amazing stuff.  Then we went to the dolphin show and it was even better.  Laughed so hard it hurt.

Lots of great TechEd sessions this week.  Customers applauded a bunch during the C# - Whidbey IDE session.  Great feedback on the next version and customers can't wait to get it.  VB features also got a lot of support.  I'm attending the C++ session today.

Whidbey is great and customers can't wait to get it, but we need to continue to push harder.  Customers continue to say “But you have all the information, why doesn't the IDE just do this for me?”.  We need to make it simpler, even still.

I'll be offline for a week while I stay down here with my family for vacation.  I'll be back in Redmond in June.


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