Should I go blonde?

So Microsoft annually holds a giving campaign to raise money for non-profit organizations
throughout the world.  The company even matches donated dollars to qualified

Well, this year I gave a challenge to the product unit I work in.  If we achieve
80% participation, I will dye my hair blonde.  If they get 100% participation
then I offered to throw in the mustache & beard to the dye job.

Well, tonight is the deadline.  Tomorrow I'll get a tally and we'll see how close
we get!  Funny thing is that I have a number of engagements that some would say
this is questionable for:

  1. The PDC.  I'll be meeting customers.  Typically you want to maintain a professional
    corporate image when meeting with important people.  Oh well!
  2. I'm attending a charity organization's annual auction next month.  My family
    was actually asked to attend by this organization.  This is a very expensive,
    posh affair.  Shocking blonde hair is not really what they are expecting! 
    Oh well again!

I'll post here tomorrow to let you know what comes to pass!

Here's a picture (not too recent, but close enough):

Allen's Image

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  1. OlegL says:

    THAT I would definetely want to see :=) By the way, your picture doesn’t look like you at all – all those red crosses and all…

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