Wasted days & wasted nights

I've been trying to get some code checked in.  In order to do that I need to
pass some checkin tests.  The minimal standard is just 5 tests that cover the
breadth of the product.  Our team enforces about 20 tests that need to pass in
order to checkin.

Well, the checkin I'm making is fairly pervasive in terms of the potential effect. 
So I'm running 300 tests or so.  Now, in all reality any failures are probably
not because of my changes, but either because the test is faulty or there are unrelated
problems with others' code.  The problem is that tracking down failures is a
time consuming, frustrating endeavour.

I've spent days on this now and I'm getting closer to classifying every anomaly, but
every detail needs to be looked at to determine if a problem exists because of my

I could be here a very long time...

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