VS7.1 VSIP Extras Beta is available

VSIP Extras SDK Beta

The VSIP Extras SDK Beta (additional bits that work with the VS7.1 VSIP SDK) is now
available.  Visit www.vsipdev.com to get

This release of the SDK includes 4 major things:

  1. Visual Studio Interop Assemblies - enables managed code to call native interfaces
    and implement interfaces called by managed code.
  2. A set of simple helper classes that implement the basic functionality of a VS
    Package.  You extend these base classes for your package.  This includes
    some helpers classes for Tool Windows, Selection Container adapter, Registration Attribute
    Classes, a Registration utility & more.
  3. Wizard to generate VS Packages including Language Services (limited since we may not
    know your grammar).
  4. Updated documentation including functions reference for the managed interfaces as
    well as information on how to use the helper classes and registration utility.

VS Automation allowing macros and add-ins as well as driving VS via the DTE automation
model are really cool features.  I think this is one of the strengths of
the IDE in that any user can easily do something custom they want to do. 
With VSIP you can now extend the IDE even more deeply by creating your own Project
Systems, Editors, Designers and Language Services, as well as Tool Windows (VS
Automation already does this fairly well though).

And this is all free with the new VSIP program.  There are ways to pay more if
you want marketing involvement, but the free program is great to get started.


Several of us from Visual Studio will be at the PDC talking
about VSIP.  Come by our trade show booth for more information and cool swag! 
See you there.

Comments (2)
  1. Dmitry Shaporenkov says:

    Thanks for long-awaited managed API!

    In the next release it would be nice to have "more native, less interop" 🙂 VSIP API. Using COM interfaces from C# may be really boring:

    int startLine, startColumn, endLine, endColumn;
    int startOffset, endOffset, startVirtSpaces, endVirtSpaces;
    myTextView.GetSelection (out startLine, out startColumn, out endLine, out endColumn);
    myTextView.GetNearestPosition (startLine, startColumn, out startOffset, out startVirtSpaces);
    myTextView.GetNearestPosition (endLine, endColumn, out endOffset, out endVirtSpaces);

    This code could be written in two lines if GetSelection and GetNearestPosition were returning values as return values rather than as output parameters.

    But, anyway, thanks!

  2. Allen says:

    For Everett Extras we didn’t have time for what you suggested. In an upcoming release of the VSIP SDK (perhaps for Whidbey) we hope to do something like what you suggest.

    Keep the suggestions coming!


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