Crypto API’s & VS Package Loading

VS uses Crypto API's to verify the package load key for 3rd party packages. 
I just submitted a fix to Gauntlet to make this code more robust.  The jist of
the problem is that VS asks for too much from the Crypto API.  We try to create
a new keyset container.  This is a heavy-weight operation as far as Crypto is
concerned.  The fix is to use the CRYPT_VERIFYCONTEXT flag in the CryptAcqureContext
call, rather the CRYPT_NEWKEYSET.

So, if you have trouble getting Crystal Reports or other 3rd party packages to load
in limited security contexts, you might want to look at granting additional privileges
to the user so that they can create keysets.  Until this fix hits the streets
3rd party packages will only load in powerful contexts.

Yeah, I'm up again late! 

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