Customizable process guidance

I've just posted versions of process guidance for Visual Studio Scrum 1.0, MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0, and MSF for CMMI Process Improvement v5.0 on Code Gallery so that you can customize them and associate these customized versions with your team projects.

These versions don't have tables of contents. I'm interested to hear how seriously that impairs your ability to use them.

The instructions are fairly open-ended about how you actually edit and publish these. Here they are again:

  1. Download and unzip this package (Downloads tab).
  2. Edit the html files to customize them.
  3. Publish them in a location to your users can access.
  4. Modify the guidance redirection files in your team projects to point to your customized content. Under Documents\Process Guidance: For example, in Process Guidance.html replace <meta http-equiv="refresh" content = "0;URL=" > with <meta http-equiv="refresh" content = "0;URL=http://[publishedLocation]/html/VisualStudioScrum1.0.html" >

I tried a couple of approaches to test customizing these pages. I liked WebMatrix to edit the html files, which was really very simple. I started up WebMatrix, choose Site from Folder, and then picked the folder where I unzipped the process guidance.

Next, I navigated to the html file that I wanted to edit, opened it and modified the html file for my needs. Tip: turn on word wrap.

To publish these, I just shared the folder that I was working in, and that worked. (WebMatrix has facilities to publish to a web site that look really easy, also).

When I edited the guidance redicetion files (right-click->edit in the team explorer), I pointed to the shared html files like this: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=file://server/share/html/MSFforAgileSoftwareDevelopmentv5.0.html" >


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  1. We’ve just released 3 packages that will enable you to start with one of the 3 base TFS 2010 Process

  2. Bertrand says:

    Any plans to release the localized versions?

  3. Bertrand says:


    Any plans to release the localized versions?

  4. No, there's nothing planned at this point. Sorry.

  5. Eric Swanson says:

    Bertrand – FYI: Nothing stopping you from translating them using this customization process, since MS isn't planning something (yet).

  6. Stuart Kelly says:

    Hi Allen,

    Your question:  "These versions don't have tables of contents. I'm interested to hear how seriously that impairs your ability to use them."

    It does impair.

    I'll build my own, but to have it integrated in the download would have been much nicer.



  7. Stuart,

    Would a separate TOC page serve your needs, or do you have something else in mind?


  8. RAJESHA says:

    I would like to customize SharePoint site template for MSF Agile 5.0 , can you please advice where can i get source code of them ?

  9. Rajesha,

    I think your best bet is to create a team project, and then get the site tempalte from SharePoint. You may be able to get more detailed help from the TFS Process Templates forum:…/threads.


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