Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 – Process Guidance

As Aaron Bjork decribes in his blog, we recently released a template for strict Scrum practitioners. The official name is Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0. Check out Aaron's blog post for the details. As he mentions, the guidance for this template is published on MSDN. This set of guidance takes a very minimal approach by simply trying to connect Team Foundation, and this template in particular, to the established Scrum practices, but it leaves the discussion of those practices largely to the community. If you use the scrum template, we'd really like to hear from you how that's working. Do you need more connections to community content on the practices? Do we need to cover practices in more detail? Is it about right? Any other toughts?

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  1. Al Kroska says:

    My team was iterative/incremental in approach, but not formal with Scrum.  In January 2011 we moved to TFS 2010 and the Scrum 1.0 template, with a "use it out of the box" mindset.

    One modifcation we made was to start using the product backlog workbook / iteration planning workbook from the Agile template – the team really likes the visual provided in the iteration planning workbook (capacity) and our product owner uses the product backlog workbook to do en-masse PBI prioritization and changes since using the UI in TFS is a bit cumbersome when making several changes.

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