Bring your iOS app to Windows 10 with the Windows Bridge for iOS

TL:DR? The Windows Bridge for iOS that was open sourced earlier this month works really well out of the box!

I just tried the Windows Bridge for iOS and it worked as advertised. There are some starter projects that come with the source, so you can see how this thing is bolted together. I tried my hand with this on a great little game – Canabalt with source available here: Fun and painless Smile


With a few clicks and the magic of the bridge, it is now running on Windows 10!


What can you do with the Windows Bridge for iOS (previously called “Project Islandwood”)? From the homepage:

• Import Xcode® projects into Visual Studio
• Make minimal changes to your iOS®/Objective-C code to build a Windows app
• Build and debug your Objective-C code from Visual Studio
• Take advantage of great Windows services
• Extend your app to take advantage of Universal Windows Platform features

Get the details and join the community!

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