Mark your calendars – Painless SharePoint Development and Developing Quality Applications with Visual Studio 2010

If you are reading this blog, consider yourself invited to these invite only webcasts in the next 2 weeks. Timely sessions around developing and architecting with Visual Studio 2010.

Space is limited, so click to register yourself a spot.

Painless SharePoint Development in Visual Studio 2010
Date: December 9, 2009, 10-11:30am US Eastern Time
This session will provide an overview of the new SharePoint tools that will be shipping in Visual Studio 2010. Specific topics covered will include an overview of the project and item templates, a discussion of the different features in the SharePoint tooling experience, areas of extensibility within Visual Studio 2010 that can enhance the SharePoint development experience and a demonstration of these tools in Visual Studio 2010. This session is ideal for the developer who is familiar with SharePoint 2007 and wants to understand how they can use Visual Studio 2010 to begin developing for SharePoint 2010.
Target Audience: Developers, Architects, Web Designers and technical managers and stakeholders who wish to gain a better understanding of the benefit of developing for SharePoint using VS2010.
Developing Quality Applications in Visual Studio 2010
Date: December 16, 2009, 10-11:30am US Eastern Time
Visual Studio 2010 introduces a slew of remarkable tools that can improve software quality.  Learn about the IntelliTrace and how it can help finds that would otherwise go undetected or be flagged as “not reproducible”.   The Code UI Test feature can help automate GUI testing saving hours of time and effort.  The improved reporting and charting of the profiling tools will display memory, CPU and threading bottlenecks.   Test Impact Analysis suggests the subset of unit tests that need to be run when code is modified.   Learn about the new Test Elements toolset that enables test case management, defect submission & reporting, manual testing and automated test record & playback.   And the Lab Management tools will make it easier than ever to cost effectively maintain a test lab.   See how all of these tools take application quality to the next level.
Target Audience: IT Managers, IT Professionals, IT Directors, Solution Architects, Product Managers, Software Developers, Developers, Architects

See you there!

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