SharePoint 2010 Tree of Life – Resource Roundup

eek! I stumbled upon this neat mind map of the SharePoint 2010 developer platform:

SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform

From the website:

The SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform wall poster shows a colorful view of SharePoint 2010 developer tools, community ecosystem, execution environment, Sharepoint Server 2010 workloads, and target application types.

Great learning resource for folks architecting/developing for SharePoint. For example:

  • Under execution environment branch, you have the option to run SharePoint on Premise, Hosted and/or via SharePoint online.

SharePoint Execution Environment

  • For application types, in SharePoint 2010, you have multiple targets (I’ve seen great demos using Visual Studio 2010).

Application Types

Hey Erika, I want the 2010 version of this 2007 coolness. I said Tree of Life; but somebody said the poster looked like dandelions…oh well, perhaps it is the product’s team subtle way of getting folks to read the docs on Governance :)

Resource Round Up

Happy SharePoint!

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