PowerShell Happy from Windows 7 to Windows Azure

eek! Say hello to the Windows Management Framework starring our dear friend PowerShell 2.0. Read more here. Why is this cool/important? You now have the power with PowerShell to manage all your favorite Windows flavors (XP to 7 to Server 2008 R2) and (wait for it)…the Cloud! Yes, with the Windows Azure Service Management CmdLets, you can start to exert service management control on your Windows Azure assets.

In the screenshot below, I’m using the built in – on Windows 7 –  GUI for PowerShell aka ISE to run these new CmdLets. Break, Debug and Run…effortlessly!

PowerShell ISE

These CmdLets are using the RESTful Service Management API under the covers (I used the makecert business from that blog post to test the Get-HostedServices CmdLet which requires a cert).

Happy Day! PowerShell to the People as I always say!

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