Calling all Data Developers

hey there! You work with data at all? Well then, you may like

In doing some research for a buddy, I stumbled upon this resource. I was looking for Entity Framework information – with the release date promised some time this summer – its about time I educated myself on this technology.

Here are some tutorials to jump start your Entity Framework learning…

  • 101 Tutorials: WPF Databinding with Entity Framework
  • 101 Tutorials: ASP.NET DataBinding with the Entity Framework
  • 101 Tutorials: Use an Entity Framework Entity as a WinForms Data Source
  • 101 Tutorials: Creating an ADO.NET Entity Framework Entity Data Model

DataDeveloper looks like it is trying to capitalize on the success of the community sites like and Add to your blog roll by visiting the blogs of “data” personalities and these essentials:

data blogs

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