DigiGirlz – I have one!

She doesn’t look like this anymore, but she did read Writing Secure Code (p.s. check it out, a neat interview with Michael Howard). In a blink of an eye, she’ll be going to her first DigiGirlz Day. And what is this DigiGirlz business?

At Microsoft we take pride in our ability to reach out to many diverse groups and provide opportunities for people to learn more about and engage in technology. Our DigiGirlz programs provide high school girls with opportunities to learn about careers in technology, talk with Microsoft employees about their life experiences, and enjoy hands-on computer and technology workshops. DigiGirlz programs are offered worldwide at several Microsoft locations. All programs are free of charge for attending students.


Here is where we will be running the program and I’m trying to bring this to Hartford, CT. Want in?

Jilly Bean, you’ll enjoy Computer Science, don’t listen to mommy and her SPECIAL INTEREST SEMINAR ON PREDICTIVE MODELING.

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