Keep up the fight and doing open source right!

I’d like to celebrate the life of my aunt Chris. She passed away last week after a brave fight against cancer. I was fortunate to be touched by such a vibrant life and it is very sad that hers was cut short. At our recent Health and Life Sciences Developer Conference, one of the inspirational messages was how our software was helping our customers and partners make cancer a managed disease. I salute you all, keep up the fight.

Case in point:

Oncology Hematology Associates
Creating the Connections for Better Cancer Care – The innovative use of technology eases visits for patients and staff
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Update: My teammate Dave also posted this coolness: 

Speaking of being inspired, check it out…boo if you didn’t think Microsoft knows how to do open source right. Hooray Microsoft; nice work!

Microsoft Research Releases Tools to Help Science Progress Toward an AIDS Vaccine
After two years of pioneering work and collaboration in AIDS research, Microsoft openly shares its software source code with the greater scientific community to help expedite global research.
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Microsoft Computational Biology Tools
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P.S. As if there was any debate, HOSPICE NURSES ARE #1!

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