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Migrating MongoDB databases from Mongo Lab to Cosmos DB

Note: This is an update to blog post I did back in 2016 Azure DocumentDB and NightScout better together! Ever since we started using NightScout more than four years ago to monitor our son’s glucose level remotely to better manage his Type 1 Diabetes condition, Microsoft Azure has been a core piece of the building blocks to host this… Read more

Azure Logic Apps, Azure SQL, Azure Mobile App and Loop (iOS) Better Together!

It’s been a long time since my last post! A lot has happened with us since, including Sam switching to Nate’s awesome Loop app based on his Loopkit toolkit and our favorite RileyLink board courtesy of Pete couple of months ago! While this was a great change for Sam (Less devices to carry and easier UI… Read more

Azure Logic Apps, Azure SQL and OpenAPS Better Together!

  For the past couple of months I’ve had the pleasure to work and collaborate with OpenAPS.org founders (Dana Lewis and Scott Leibrand) and genius behind OpenAPS toolset Ben West and other folks involved to develop and implement  our own artificial pancreas for my son Sam based on Scott’s reference architecture and their years of… Read more

Magic of Cloud, Azure and Open Source, Introducing Nightscout Project!

Ever since our son was diagnosed with #T1D back in August our lives have changed forever, but despite the challenges a lot of positive support from family, friends (New and old) and of course Technology has blessed each of us specially Sam! This blog post is our token of appreciation to all involved to make… Read more