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Upgrading a windows auth MOSS 2007 web application to a SharePoint Server 2010 web application in claims mode (AD FS 2.0)

Recently I was asked by a customer on the steps required to upgrade content from MOSS 2007 (Windows auth) web application to SharePoint server 2010 and providing access to the sites and my sites for same users and groups via AD FS 2.0. For this post I am not going through steps for configuring AD… Read more

Upgrading MOSS 2007 SSP User Profiles and MySite content to SharePoint Server 2010 using DB-Attach method

Note: This post is based on Beta 2 and is subject to change in future releases. I highly recommend to review the Services upgrade model and User Profile Service overview on SP 2010 TechNet site before trying the following steps to upgrade a MOSS 2007 SSP database and My Site content to SharePoint Server 2010. Upgrading… Read more

Upgrade and Migration Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2010 (Beta)

If you are planning for upgrading your MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 to upcoming Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 I definitely encourage you to look at the “Upgrade and Migration Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2010 (Beta)” site…. Read more

Service Pack 2 Update

The public update for the Service Pack 2 expiration date issue is now available for download.  The update can be applied before or after Service Pack 2 installation.  If the update is applied prior to installing Service Pack 2 it will prevent the expiration date from being improperly activated during installation of Service Pack 2,… Read more

Microsoft Certified Master program for SharePoint 2007

I just wrapped up an intensive Three week MCM training up in Redmond and wanted to share couple of posts on the program from colleagues who attended the R2 (Beta) for folks who are interested: Master Training: Are You Ready? My Microsoft Certified Master experience  Certified Master for SharePoint 2007 R2 As soon as I… Read more

Unable to refresh the external connection via browser when Excel Services running in Trusted Subsystem mode

On standalone configuration where ECS (Excel Calculation Services) and Microsoft SQL server reside on same machine, external resources such as tables and cubes should be accessible via Office Data connections (ODC) in Trusted Subsystem mode (Default settings) using SSO authentication (In farm scenarios where ECS resides on a dedicated machine Constraint Kerberos delegation is required for… Read more

Server Upgrade and Migration Tool for Microsoft Office InfoPath

The Server Upgrade and Migration tool allows a SharePoint farm administrator to change hard-coded URLs in InfoPath form templates, UDC files, and content types to ensure that the form templates continue to work correctly in the following circumstances: When performing a gradual upgrade from Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 to Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0… Read more

December Cumulative Update for MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 is now available for download!

December Cumulative Update for Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is now available for download:  December Cumulative Update for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0December Cumulative Update for Microsoft Office ServersMore information can be found here.  … Read more