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Managing Azure Kubernetes Managed Service (AKS) using Cabin app!

Cabin app by bitnami is one of my favorite apps allowing to manage your k8s clusters from your iPhone! After deploying our very first k8s cluster using awesome Azure AKS (In preview) I wanted to add my brand new cluster so I can demo the capabilities to one of my customers. Here are the steps to connect Cabin to your cluster if interested to try!

  1. Get your k8s API endpoint from Azure Portal
  2. Using Azure cli run az aks get-credentials to get your access token (access token will be saved under .kube/config along with other information needed to connect to your Kubernetes cluster remotely.

  3. Launch Cabin app on you phone and create a new cluster entry manually.
  4. If you enter the URL and Token correctly the app shows the status as connected and you are ready to manage your cluster.
  5. From here you can easily manage your pods or scale out by selecting your deployment and change the replica settings.
  6. Creating a new service is also very easy from the app.
  7. Cabin also allows you to deploy various solutions right from your phone to your cluster via Helm Charts Store.
  8. Here is also a quick video on how to scale out apps using Cabin 🙂