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Enabling AKS in your Azure subscription

Today was an exciting day to see the availability of Microsoft Azure Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS) announced here. Now if you try to create your very first cluster in your subscription you need to upgrade your Azure CLI to latest version using apt-get upgrade azure-cli (Be patient as it takes sometime to download all the packages and upgrade).

Next per az help you would like to try az aks create … command and at least in my case when I tried it I got the following error:

Note that currently the service is only available in WestUS2 in US.

Next in order to register the managed cluster provider for Kubernetes simply run Register-AzurermresourceProvider and pass Microsoft.ContainerService as parameter against your subscription:

As you can see after successfully executing the command “managedClusters” should be listed as a resource type in your subscription.

Now you can try running az aks create command to start deploying your cluster:

Now that you have your cluster up and running you can connect and browse using az aks and start rocking!

After deploying a pod from one of my images on Azure Container Registry which I created in my earlier post, I also created a load-balancer service pointing to my pod

Also I scaled to 3 Pods, why not 🙂

And my ASP.Net core app was up and running in no time!