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Accessing On-premises SharePoint data as easy as 1 2 3 with On-premises data gateway

One of common asks when designing and deploying hybrid SharePoint is to make on-premises data accessible on SPO and also multiple devices, thanks to goodness of Azure Logic Apps and On-premises gateway and seamless integration with Power Apps and Flow doing that is as easy as 1 2 3!

In the past this required a lot of work configuring BCS or developing a custom provider hosted app using Azure hybrid connections as an example.

Lets see how easy the process is:

  1. Installing gateway! – Simply follow the instruction here on a box dedicated to run the bits
    and make sure the service is running:
  2. Next login to Power App home page select Gateways and you should see your gateway listed already!
    Next go to Connections, select new and choose SharePoint, make sure to select Connect using on-premises data gateway option and enter credentials for accessing SharePoint On-premises.
    At this point you should have the connection listed and available to be used by Power Apps or Flow.
  3. Now that we have the connection and gateway setup we can easily build an app by selecting the connection and a desired list (for example Sample List)
    capture4 capture6
    And magically in couple of seconds you should see the basic app with default fields created for you:
    After customizing the look and feel give it a try and you should be able to successfully navigate the data on the list and enter new items as expected!capture11 capture8
    Next you can add custom workflows using Flow to do some integration with SharePoint Online, Office 365, CRMOL and sky is the limit!


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