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Azure Logic Apps, Azure SQL and OpenAPS Better Together!


pic1For the past couple of months I’ve had the pleasure to work and collaborate with OpenAPS.org founders (Dana Lewis and Scott Leibrand) and genius behind OpenAPS toolset Ben West and other folks involved to develop and implement  our own artificial pancreas for my son Sam based on Scott’s reference architecture and their years of experience building DIYPS and becoming the third person in the world using openAPS [(n=1)*3] as his artificial pancreas. While the original goal was to implement a closed loop system running on Raspberry Pi, Linux, Python and nopic2de JS (Yes Scott forced me to code in node to help with openaps-js toolkit implementation as a pre condition to support me with Linux stuff and reminding me of [TAB] 🙂 ) the need of reporting and notification were imminent and much needed.

To extend the implementation for above needs I also developed a simple ASP.NET Web API running on Azure so that after each successful temp basal command to pump I can capture data such as bg (Blood Glucose), IOB (Insulin On-board), Duration, Temp Basal amount and push it to an Azure SQL instance and leveraging Power BI for some reporting and visualization.

As for notification I then decided to use Azure Logic App, Azure SQL API App and Twilio App to capture new entries and send them via text to my mobile phone. While this was a temporarily and simple solution for alerting I wanted to use the existing Azure Notification Hub used by Nightscout Windows App and push alerts for both Nightscout and OpenAPS.

While I could leverage my existing Mobile Services implementation and programmatically add OpenAPS alerts I was desperately waiting for availability of a Notification API App on Azure!

After a tweet to Logic App team couple of days ago, within minutes got a response to try the exact thing I was looking for from GitHub! and a couple of minutes  later I was receiving push notification without writing a single line of code! The following images show the high level solution architecture and also examples of notifications I receive on my phone and my Microsoft Band! Big kudos to Josh Twist and the team for bringing this magical thing called Azure Logic App and this is how we #upgradeyourworld



pic5 pic6


What’s next?

I am currently working on wrapping up an OpenAPS implementation for Windows 10 and to run a closed loop on Intel Compute Stick! and continue working with OpenAPS team to further extend and make it available for broader reach!