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Magic of Cloud, Azure and Open Source, Introducing Nightscout Project!

sam Ever since our son was diagnosed with #T1D back in August our lives have changed forever, but despite the challenges a lot of positive support from family, friends (New and old) and of course Technology has blessed each of us specially Sam! This blog post is our token of appreciation to all involved to make this solution accessible and making a huge impact on families with Type One Diabetes specially the Nighscout team (You guys ROCK!).

What is the Nightscout project?

nightscoutNightscout (CGM in the Cloud) is an open source, DIY project that allows real time access to a Dexcom G4 CGM from web browsers via smartphones, computers, tablets, and the Pebble smartwatch. The goal of the project is to allow remote monitoring of the T1D’s glucose level using existing monitoring devices.Yesterday I attended Nightscout Install Party in Anahiem and seeing  families configuring the solution on Azure using open source components like MongoLab and github was mind blowing to say the least, It was also fun to help the families trouble shoot Azure while they were setting up their solution.


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Being an Azure addict, although still waiting for our dexcom  I decided to do the deployment myself and in less than 10 minutes I had my Azure Website getting the Nightscout code from github connected to my instance of MongoDB on AZURE!

Nightscout has done a great job to provide an awesome documentation so everyone can follow the instruction and have everything setup including, MongoDB, github repository and Android setup here.

Here is quick walkthrough on how I did the setup myself:

  1. I started by setting up an account on MangoLAB site and selecting Azure as Cloud host:
  2. Next, I created a new database, DB user and a collection:
  3. Configuring a fork was a breeze, you gotta love github:
  4. Courtesy of MSDN subscription I provisioned the website on Azure:
  5. Next I added connection strings to Mongo DB and the collection I created earlier:
  6. Getting the source code from github and getting it deployed was super fast:


  7. And in couple of minutes the website was up and running:

What’s Next?


As soon as we are approved for Dexcom G4, I need to setup the android phone, getting our pebble watches and we are good to go!

I am looking forward to working with team to make this further accessible for other families and available on other platforms like Windows Phone 🙂

Thank you Nightscout, Thank you Microsoft Azure , Thank you MongoLab, Thank you github and countless other folks who made this happen!

I also found out that Scott Hanselman from Azure team been directly involved with the NighScout team in past couple of months as well which by itself is huge and cant wait to see what’s coming next and glad to be part of v-team!

Update (11/8/2014): Great post by Scott Hanselman on enabling Websockets and forcing SSL.

Make sure to join or support NightScout team here: http://www.nightscout.info/ and also join us for the upcoming JDRF Walk on November 9th http://www2.jdrf.org/goto/mazaheri