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Connecting to OneDrive For Business on-premises using iPad ODFB app!


As announced earlier on Office Blog we do now support connecting to on-premises ODFB using iPad app (starting with v 1.2.1 and above), per above blog post as this point we support FBA or NTLM to authenticate and authorize users to get access to their files and resources hosted on on-premises SharePoint 2013. As any extranet solution one of the core requirements is to configure the DMZ and firewall to allow HTTPS/443 communication and publishing the endpoint (in this case our MySite web application) from outside as depicted (Courtesy of Bill Baer Smile ):


Assuming the above is configured and working, we should be able to now try connecting the ODFB app using users credential and the MySite FQDN, while this works via Windows Phone but not on iPAD (at least for now). Reading the support article titled “Use the OneDrive for Business app on an iPhone or iPad” you should pay attention to the following paragraph:

“If you’re an Office 365 multi-tenant user you can connect from the OneDrive for Business app in any network environment including Wi-Fi and cellular data. If you’re not using multi-tenant Office 365, you can connect only when using your organization’s on-site Wi-Fi network. Contact your SharePoint administrator if you’re unsure which user you are.”


Connecting your iPad using a VPN connection! In order to make this working my colleague Tom Fuchs configured VPN server on one of our Windows 2012 R2 instance and following easy steps got me going and a happy camper!

  1. From iPad main screen, go to Settings and select VPN connections, and select Add VPN Configuration.
  2. Make sure to select PPTP and add server IP address, username and password and click Save.
    Photo 1
  3. After successfully creating the VPN connection, on main page toggle the VPN and after providing the credentials you should be connected to corpnet.

    Photo 2

  4. Next, launch the ODFB app from your iPad and add the user’s credentials.

    Photo 3

    Make sure to add the URL of your MySite web application under Advanced Options.

  5. Now you should be all setup and have access to the content of your ODFB on-premises. 

    Photo 6

Note.: While this workaround enables remote users to connect to ODFB on-premises a better option would be to leverage the online offering and a hybrid model with your on-premises deployment.