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Magic of Cloud, Azure and Open Source, Introducing Nightscout Project!

Ever since our son was diagnosed with #T1D back in August our lives have changed forever, but despite the challenges a lot of positive support from family, friends (New and old) and of course Technology has blessed each of us specially Sam! This blog post is our token of appreciation to all involved to make… Read more

Connecting to OneDrive For Business on-premises using iPad ODFB app!

  As announced earlier on Office Blog we do now support connecting to on-premises ODFB using iPad app (starting with v 1.2.1 and above), per above blog post as this point we support FBA or NTLM to authenticate and authorize users to get access to their files and resources hosted on on-premises SharePoint 2013. As… Read more

Connect SharePoint Online to an on-premises SQL Server from an Azure provider hosted app using Hybrid Connections

Recently I was asked by a customer if there is a way to allow SharePoint Online users to connect to an on-premises SQL database without using BCS and avoid the overhead configuring that.  As a fan of SharePoint Apps and Azure the recommendation was to implement and leverage a provider hosted app on Azure, as… Read more

MEDIA ENCODING with Microsoft Azure Media Services and K2

By Melissa Layupan and Ali Mazaheri INTRODUCTION Media file encoding (and transcoding) is one of the predominant use-cases within the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry, and one which many M&E companies struggle with. Reason being is that M&E organizations invest in a multitude of expensive digital and media asset management systems to handle media files… Read more