Building a SharePoint 2013 App to embed Yammer feed on an Office 365 SharePoint site using Yammer Connect

Here is quick step by step post on how to build a sample App to embed a Yammer feed on an O365 SharePoint site by leveraging Yammer Connect API.

  1. In Visual Studio 2012 create a new project using SharePoint 2013 App template:


  2. Open the App.js file an add the following JavaScript snippet:


    Network, FeedType and FeedID are three parameters we need to connect to our Yammer specific feed via Yammer Connect API.

  3. Open the ClientWebPart.aspx and add the following JavaScript snippet:


  4. Next, we need to define the properties for the App Part and add the required querystring parameters to ClientWebPart element:


    You can get the value for the Network and FeedID by going to your Yammer group page and clicking on  Embed This Feed link:


  5. After compiling and publishing the project from Visual Studio 2012 you should be able to add the App to your O365 Corporate Catalog and add it to a site collection of your choice and set the properties of App Part to render feed from a specific Yammer Group in your network:


Comments (11)

  1. jpalo says:

    We've just pasted the required Yammer code in CEWP and it works great. You can also save the CEWP Web Part into Web Part gallery if you want to quickly reuse it. Does this "Appification" add some value to our way of doing it?

  2. Ali Mazaheri says:

    Hi Jussi,

    CEWP is definitely an option specially for 2010, I did this sample app to showcase SharePoint 2013 App model and also how this app can be easily shared in an Office 365 tenant and be leveraged on all site collections to avoid the manual work 🙂

  3. Manny says:

    Can we use the same code On Premise?

  4. Tom says:

    Jussi, could you post your code somewhere?

  5. Ali Mazaheri says:

    Hi Tom,

    You can find all the code here:

  6. Mac says:

    How can i embed a feed from a specific thread in a group

  7. Srividya says:

    when i tried the above code in on premis sharepoint 2013, i am getting "The content cannot be displayed on IFRAME" Do i need to add anything for this?

  8. staygreenacademy says:

    good was useful for me.<a href="; >



  9. Kourosh says:

    Hi and thanks for this useful post. I have a question. When you make a comment on a specific page every body on the network can see it when they log on into the yammer site. Everyone that belongs to the network can see it. I want to make it private so that only those that has permissions to log on into the SharePoint site can see the comments on the yammer.

  10. Ali Mazaheri says:

    You can create a private group for that team site and connect your feed to that.

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