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Service Application Federation between SharePoint 2013 (Public Preview) and SharePoint 2010

 One of the common challenges upgrading a multi-farm MOSS 2007 (Parent/Child) deployment to SharePoint 2010 was the introduction of new service application architecture and planning for downtime upgrading MOSS 2007 parent farm to a new SharePoint 2010 provider. With the release of SharePoint 2013 the good news is that SharePoint 2010 consuming farms are now able to leverage SharePoint 2013 service apps through federation (Note. This only works one way and a SharePoint 2013 farm can not consume services from a SharePoint 2010 provider).

In this post I provide a step by step guide on how to upgrade a SharePoint 2010 MMS to SharePoint 2013 and then federating the service to an existing SharePoint 2010 farm.

  1. To upgrade the MMS service application simply backup and restore the database to your SharePoint 2013 SQL instance.
  2. Provision a new instance of MMS in SharePoint 2013 using the 2010 MMS database (Consider providing other attributes such as HUBUri, etc.)


  3. Provision a Proxy for the new MMS service application.


  4. Ensure that the new MMS service application is accessible via SharePoint 2013 Central Admin site and included as part of service application association setting.


  5. Next we need to establish a trust between SharePoint 2010 consumer farm and SharePoint 2013 as new provider farm, steps are similar to SharePoint 2010 and as outlined on my previous blog post  Smile.
  6. After successfully running the cmdlets on both farms you should have a trust established and the SharePoint 2010 farm should have access to SharePoint 2013 Topology service.




  7. Now we need to publish the MMS in SharePoint 2013 provider farm via CA site or PowerShell.
  8. In SharePoint 2010 consumer farm connect to the remote SharePoint 2013 MMS service application using CA site or PowerShell.



  9. In SharePoint 2010 consumer farm ensure that you have access to SharePoint 2013 MMS service application.




In next blog post I will cover upgrading SharePoint 2010 User Profile service application to SharePoint 2013.