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Translating Office documents using Office Web Apps Preview and Microsoft Translator Service


As you’ve already heard lots of new and enhanced capabilities are coming through the latest version of Office Web Apps (Preview), my colleague Steve Peschka did a great job on his post going over steps required to deploy a new OWA farm for your SharePoint 2013 deployment. In this post I will go over steps to configure OWA to allow users translate Office documents by using Microsoft Translator Service:


  1. On your WAC server enable Translation by running Set-OfficeWebAppsFarm cmdlet and set the TranslationServiceAddress parameter to Microsoft Translator endpoint.


  2. Restart WAC servers in your farm.
  3. From SharePoint 2013 site open a Word document via browser.


  4. Go to backstage by selecting File link and select Translate.


  5. Select the language from the drop down (e.g. Dutch).


  6. You should have access to translated document momentarily.