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Configuring SharePoint Content Organizer to route documents to a separate site collection

Recently I was asked by one of my customers on how the Content Organizer feature can be leveraged to design a large archival solution using SharePoint 2010. Initially this feature was enabled and configured for their Record Center (e.g. http://records.contoso.com) and they wanted to scale out the RM by routing records and documents to more than one site collection based on specific criteria.

Here are the steps I shared with them and thought it might be useful for other folks:

  1. Provision required site collection in a dedicated content database (e.g. http://records.ontoso.com/sites/arch1) .
  2. If the new site collection is not based on “Record Center” ensure to enable Content Organizer feature.
  3. From Central Administrations go to “General Application Settings” and add a new “Send To Connection” for the new site collection provisioned on step 1.
  4. For http://records.contoso.com site collection ensure that “Content Organizer Settings” allows routing documents to other sites” by checking “Allow rules to specify another site as a target location”.image
  5. Now go to “Content Organizer Rules” and create a new rule, notice that now you have the option to select a target destination by selecting an option from the combo box, select the new destination and click OK to continue.