Configuring SharePoint Content Organizer to route documents to a separate site collection

Recently I was asked by one of my customers on how the Content Organizer feature can be leveraged to design a large archival solution using SharePoint 2010. Initially this feature was enabled and configured for their Record Center (e.g. and they wanted to scale out the RM by routing records and documents to more than one site collection based on specific criteria.

Here are the steps I shared with them and thought it might be useful for other folks:

  1. Provision required site collection in a dedicated content database (e.g. .
  2. If the new site collection is not based on “Record Center” ensure to enable Content Organizer feature.
  3. From Central Administrations go to “General Application Settings” and add a new “Send To Connection” for the new site collection provisioned on step 1.
  4. For site collection ensure that “Content Organizer Settings” allows routing documents to other sites” by checking “Allow rules to specify another site as a target location”.image
  5. Now go to “Content Organizer Rules” and create a new rule, notice that now you have the option to select a target destination by selecting an option from the combo box, select the new destination and click OK to continue.
Comments (4)

  1. KS says:

    Great post, Ali. Do you have a performance and scalability guidance on how many documents or document sets the content organizer can handle per minute? We are seeing some performance issues with the timer job. How do you scale out? Is it recommended to have the content routing set up in multiple site collections?


  2. Jo J says:

    Can you do this for a different site collection on a different farm?

  3. Sri says:

    Very Informative Post. Is it possible to route to different  library than default  Drop Off Library on target site.

  4. J. M. says:

    Is any way to move with versions. I have try this approach but the versions are lost.

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