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Thoughts on the Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint 2010 (A post by Spence Harbar)


As you might know I’ve been working with Spence and rest of the SharePoint 2010 MCM delivery team on creating the material. We had a very successful upgrade rotation back in May and the first full rotation will start on July 12 (Good luck to all the attendees), also I should mention that Brett G. has been doing an outstanding job on managing the program and has been an honor to work with him and rest of the team.

Spence just posted a great article on his experience and definitely recommended for everyone who is thinking or planning to attend the program, following is an excerpt which relates to my involvement with the program 🙂

“Which brings us to the Qualification Lab. An all day hands on exam where you prove your chops with the product as opposed to on paper. Wow! To state this was “hard” would be rather silly. The 2010 qual lab is a definite step up, and is a rigorous test of your ability hands on with the product in a pressure situation. Whilst I wasn’t too keen on it immediately afterwards :), on reflection I have to say this is probably the best thing about the entire certification. This is a real exam.”

Thoughts on the Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint 2010


Just got the word that I passed all 4 SharePoint 2010 TS and PRO exams and officially becoming a SharePoint Server 2010 MCM.