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Troubleshooting SharePoint Server 2010 User Profile Synchronization service (RTM)

As part of configuring your SharePoint Server 2010 farm you need to start the User Profile Synchronization service so you can import user profiles from AD or other applicable sources, one of the issues you may face is that after starting the service you see a series of event logs such as :




And eventually service fails to start the related FIM services and provisioning the sync database.

In that case following steps may resolve the issue and help starting the UPA sync service:

1) $syncdb=Get-SPDatabase -Id <GUID of User Profile Sync DB>
2) $syncdb.Unprovision()
3) $syncdb.Status=’Offline’
4) $upa=Get-SPServiceApplication -Id <GUID of User Profile Service>
5) $upa.ResetSynchronizationMachine()
6) $upa.ResetSynchronizationDatabase()
7) $syncdb.Provision()
8) Add the User Profile Synchronization service account as dbo on the Sync DB
9) Restart the sptimerv4
10) Start the UPA using Central Administration site and iisreset


This issue came up when I tried to start the sync service against UPA that was provisioned either by upgrading a MOSS 2007 SSP database or in Partition mode for multi-tenant configuration.