MOSS 2007 Best Practices articles are now live!

Recently I collaborated on a SharePoint Collaboration best practice article which just got published on Technet along with a series of great articles on Operation, Publishing, Search and My Sites:

·         Ops: 

·         Pub:

·         Collab:

·         Search:

·         My Sites:

Comments (2)

  1. agopalan says:

    Hi Ali,

    First of thanks to your team for publishing this information.  I am sure the articles therein will be very positively received by all.

    I refer to the above URL regarding Search.  Point #3 (Manage access by using Windows security groups) recommends that we use Windows Security groups for provided site access and that the crawl could fail if the number of user in a SharePoint security groups exceeds 1000.  Does this mean that once the threshold of 1000 users is reached the crawl will then fail and not crawl the remaining users’ ACEs and consequently these users will be unable to get search results?

    Please clarify.



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